Summer trends



This summer trends are really wide, from crop tops to maxi skirts, florals to spikes. You can’t go wrong with a sundress, wedges and some jewelry. Shorts stay, skirts of any kind: wrap, mini, maxi, print, bold, lace. When going for crop t’s, look after what is flattering for your body and self confidence. In the shoe department wedges are essential for the summer, plus is the time of the year that can be worn with no shame. 

Don’t forget shades, are a basic protecting from harmful UV rays and not getting wrinkles, and helps adding an edgy touch to any look.


Editorial letter.

This magazine is born after seeking in the market a women magazine not only filled with gossip and fashion, instead with things that matter for the college and master student who searches for information about the world, how to update a wardrobe for an internship and to know about business and politics.   The name of the magazine comes from the hindu and means “boundless, entire” or “freedom, security” also in sanskrit is the name of the ancient Hindu mother goddess of sky and fertility.


Women are doing important things in the world, and as women who are building ourselves in a global world, we need to know about what is happening and to recognize us women our goals and achievements, be proud of ourselves, partners and other women around the globe changing the world. Is time to make and recover our history as women. That doesn’t mean we need to forget about fashion and style.